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Anna Fromchenko is a multidisciplinary artist who works in the fields of sculpture, installation, video, and photography. In her works, Fromchenko challenges the way objects are perceived by extracting the image from its context and its accepted meaning. By doing so she creates a new interpretation, offering the viewer a new manner of how to point, how to see. The works aim to offer a different type of gaze, creating an alternative reality which envelope the viewer and undermine the way in which his gaze is directed.

Fromchenko studied painting at the Kalisher School of Art, Tel Aviv and Art History and Cinema at the Tel Aviv University. Her works have been exhibited in many exhibition spaces in Israel and around the world, including the Eretz Israel Museum Art and Design Biennale (2023), Petah Tikva Art Museum, Braverman Gallery, Sotheby"s, Tel Aviv, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, The Philistine Culture Museum and more.


Anna Fromchenko​

Living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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