Anna Fromchenko

Living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. 




1973-1976     B.A. Studies in Art History, Cinema and Television, Tel Aviv University 

1970-1973     Painting Studies under Prof. Arie Margoshilski, Kalisher School of Art, Tel Aviv


Solo and Duo Exhibitions

2020     "245", Braverman Gallery Projects space, Tel Aviv; curator: Yair Barak

2019     "From Fog to Doom", Artspace Tel Aviv; curator: Dalia Danon

2017     "What's Happening Bro'?", Tel Aviv Artists House, curator: Arie Berkowitz

2015     “Heart. Object”, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, duo exhibition with artist Daniel Feldhacker, curator: Sari Golan

2012     “Not Disappearing”, Peila Gallery, Jaffa, curator: Sari Golan


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020    "Particle Accelerator," ND Gallery, Ramat Gan

2019    "SweetArt," Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv; curators: Meital Manor, Daria Kaufmann 

2019    "33KAF," Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan

2019     "Wanderings of the Heart", Sarah Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Tova Eldad

2019     "Women Create Reality", Artist's House, Rishon leZion, curators: Dvora Morag, Anat Mandil

2018     "Blue Forest", Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Dalia Danon       

2017     “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Ofra Harnam

2017     "The Print Fair #2", Rea Print House, Tel Aviv

2017     "Even One Needs Two", Art Workshop Gallery, Yavne, curator: Etti Amram

2017     "Personal Touch", Sarah Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Tova Eldad

2016     “9 Walls”, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Dalia Danon

2016     “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Ofra Harnam

2016     “Cubes Creating Life”, Tiroche Gallery, Hertzliya, Israel, curator: Shulamit Nuss

2016     "Florentine 45 Gallery at Fresh Paint 8", Tel Aviv, curators:  Gilat Nadivi & Vera Pilpoul

2016     "Live Your Dreams", Artemisia Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016     “Iran Iran”, Kaye Academic College Art Gallery, Beersheba, Israel, curator: Nir Harmat

2015     Annual Exhibition, Alfred Institute for Art, Tel Aviv

2015     “Savyon Artists' Exhibition”, Savyon Cultural Center, Israel, curator: Ossi Yalon

2015     Artemisia Gallery Opening Exhibition, Tel Aviv

2015     “Superwoman”, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel, curator: Sigal Kehat-Krinski 

2015     “The 53rd International Show”, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California,

              curator: David A. Ross

2014     The Triangle Opening Exhibition, The Triangle - Art Space, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

2014     “Painting Forever”, Salon 96, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

2014     “Labor. Print.”, Alfred Institute for Art, Tel Aviv, curator: Yael Amit

2014     “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Ofra Harnam

2014     “Holding”, The Spaceship Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

1978     Ramat Gan Museum of Art


Press and Publications


2019     Beyond the Mirror, "9 Artist Walls", by Ziva Koort

2017     Portfolio, "Artists Following Art"

2017     "The Window", "What's up Bro", by Dr. Smadar Sheffi

2015     Erev Rav, "The Vanishing General" by Dr.Ktzia Alon

2015     Erev Rav, "Superwoman - Eros, Ethos, Tantos" by Dr. Hava Bronfeld-Stein



I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working mostly with painting, digital art and sculpting. My works refer to social issues, iconic individuals or objects.

I find great inspiration in poetry and literature which serve as different instruments playing a united melody along with art in strategic partnership. The visual and the literal inform and shed light on each other, singularly donating a bit of what the other needs, binding in a union of sensations.


I want my art to move beyond the realm of the medium to alternate styles of art allowing me to visually represent the stories I try to tell. There is a particular feeling to all of my works, one that touches on the juxtaposition of the real yet surreal, a fantasy and a dream yet riddled with reality.

© 2020 by Anna Fromchenko

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