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I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working mostly with painting, digital art and sculpting. My works refer to social issues, iconic individuals or objects.

I find great inspiration in poetry and literature which serve as different instruments playing a united melody along with art in strategic partnership. The visual and the literal inform and shed light on each other, singularly donating a bit of what the other needs, binding in a union of sensations.


I want my art to move beyond the realm of the medium to alternate styles of art allowing me to visually represent the stories I try to tell. There is a particular feeling to all of my works, one that touches on the juxtaposition of the real yet surreal, a fantasy and a dream yet riddled with reality.


Anna Fromchenko

Living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. 




1973-1976     B.A. Studies in Art History, Cinema and Television, Tel Aviv University 

1970-1973     Painting Studies under Prof. Arie Margoshilski, Kalisher School of Art, Tel Aviv


Solo and Duo Exhibitions

2023     "(No) Other Place", Studio of her own Gallery, Jerusalem; curator: Meital Manor

2020     "245", Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Yair Barak

2019     "From Fog to Doom", Artspace Tel Aviv; curator: Dalia Danon

2017     "What's Happening Bro'?", Tel Aviv Artists House, curator: Arie Berkowitz

2015     “Heart. Object”, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, duo exhibition with artist Daniel Feldhacker, curator: Sari Golan

2012     “Not Disappearing”, Peila Gallery, Jaffa, curator: Sari Golan


Selected Group Exhibitions


2023    The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design 2023; curator: Nir Harmat, Henrietta Eliezer Brunner, Tomer Sapir.

2022    "Art Aid Israel Ukraine", Tel Aviv; curator: Larry Abramson and Meital Manor

2020    "Lifting the Switch", Basel Square, Tel Aviv; curator: Meital Manor

2020    "Particle Accelerator," ND Gallery, Ramat Gan, curators: Ronit Roth Haddad, Eyal Katz 

2019    "SweetArt," Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv; curators: Meital Manor, Daria Kaufmann 

2019    "33KAF," Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan

2019     "Women Create Reality", Artist's House, Rishon leZion, curators: Dvora Morag, Anat Mandil

2018     "Blue Forest", Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Dalia Danon       

2017     “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Ofra Harnam

2017     "Even One Needs Two", Art Workshop Gallery, Yavne, curator: Etti Amram

2017     "Personal Touch", Sarah Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Tova Eldad

2016     “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Ofra Harnam

2016     “Cubes Creating Life”, Tiroche Gallery, Hertzliya, Israel, curator: Shulamit Nuss

2016     "Florentine 45 Gallery at Fresh Paint 8", Tel Aviv, curators:  Gilat Nadivi & Vera Pilpoul

2016     “Iran Iran”, Kaye Academic College Art Gallery, Beersheba, Israel, curator: Nir Harmat

2015     Annual Exhibition, Alfred Institute for Art, Tel Aviv

2015     Artemisia Gallery Opening Exhibition, Tel Aviv

2015     “Superwoman”, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel, curator: Sigal Kehat-Krinski 

2015     “The 53rd International Show”, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California, curator: David A. Ross

2014     The Triangle Opening Exhibition, The Triangle - Art Space, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

2014     “Painting Forever”, Salon 96, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

2014     “Labor. Print.”, Alfred Institute for Art, Tel Aviv, curator: Yael Amit

2014     “Intervals”, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Ofra Harnam

2014     “Holding”, The Spaceship Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Sari Golan

1978     Ramat Gan Museum of Art

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